About the Instructors

 Bryan Mathis / Leatherwork Instructor , Knife Making Instructor & (Property Owner). I am a full time Leather Crafter / Knife Maker and Retired Firefighter / Paramedic from the City of Orlando Fire Department after having spent 30 years in the Fire Service. 

I have been married to my wife Briana for the last 32 years and we have 2 kids and 2 grandsons. Briana retired from the Police Department as a Detective and is a big part of our Custom Leather Business.

I have done all kinds of leatherwork over the last 25 years but I specialize in Multitool Sheaths, Knife Sheaths, Fire Service Gear , Waxed Canvas, EDC Gear, Belts, Etc...We have sent gear all over North America and about 20 different countries. Our business website is www.fdleatherworks.com

I also make Custom & Fire Service Style Knives via Forging and Stock Removal ( I was taught by Chad also).


Chad Bowlin / Primary Forging/ Knife Making Instructor

Chad is an ABS ranked Bladesmith and a former contestant on the History Channels "Forged in Fire" his passion for knives started at a young age, inspired while watching fantasy/adventure movies with his father, he turned that interest into a 10-year career.
In 2013 Chad started forging on railroad spikes, coil springs, or whatever he could find on his farm outside of Palestine, Tx. Eventually moving back home to Central Florida, he began instructing bladesmithing for beginners and intermediate bladesmiths which continues to do at his shop in Deland , Florida
Trained by Mastersmith's Steve Schwarzer and Jason Knight, he now takes the techniques he has learned to continue the art of bladesmithing and pass that knowledge on to the next generation of artists.
Chads busness website is www.blackhogknives.com